PricePoint lets you view your favorite cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.

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All about crypto

PricePoint supports many cryptocurrencies with more to come. In total over 15 different coins are supported. Some of the main coins we include are Bitcoin, Etherium, Lightcoin, and Monero. Have a coin suggestion? Tweet it at us!

The coins you want.

Choose the coins you want. With the new v2 update there is a bunch more customizability. You can choose from five different types of local currencies, you can use either the light or dark theme, and you can have the app display the coins you want.

Multi-device support.

PricePoint supports both iOS and Android! So if you have a smartphone or tablet, your device is most likely supported.

Supports iOS 11 and later and Android Lollipop (5.0) and later.


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